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Our product and price list for many of the parts we sell is here:
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Hinges, Hood, Door & Trunk
Engine Serpentine Drive Components
Throttle Body
Engine Adapters
Waterpump Relocation Kits
Slim Oil Mount Adapter
Alternator Relocator Bracket
Engine & Transmission Mount Brackets


Street Dreams By Ross, L.L.C.TM can help you achieve your auto hinging desires. Please click here to see our products! We have scissor door and hood hinges for kit cars, and conversion kits for upgrading most cars.

GM Small Block V8 Serpentine Drive Components
serpentine Harmonic Balancer
Harmonic Balancer
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Sserpentine Tensioner
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Serpentine A/C Pulley
A/C Pulley
Serpentine Idler Smooth Pulley Serpentine Idler Grooved Pulley
Idler Pulleys
<-Smooth               Grooved->
Fiero Cradle Engine Mount
GM Small Block
Cradle Engine Mount
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Serpentine drive components are available. We offer a harmonic balancer, tensioner, A/C compressor pulley, and two kinds of idler pulleys (smooth or multi-grooved) needed to arrange accessories in a serpentine drive arrangement on a GM V8 small block engine for fitting into the Fiero or a streetrod with limited engine bay clearance.

We also offer an engine cradle for the Fiero which has a couple of ears on it so that you may mount the A/C compressor.

GM Throttle Body Top Plate Gasket Product in Web Store

The GM Throttle Body custom gasket is precision laser cut from 1/64" Fel-Pro™ gasket material. This gasket is not available separate from a large gasket kit anywhere else.

Engine Adaptors
Flywheel, front side Flywheel, back side
Manual Flywheel
<- Front               Back->
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Bell Housing Adaptor
Aluminum Manual Bellhousing Adaptor
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Thin profile harmonic balancer
for GM Small Block V8
<- V-belt               Serpentine ->
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Flexplate, front side
Automatic Flexplate
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Automatic Bell Housing Adaptor
Aluminum Automatic Bellhousing Adaptor
Standard       Tilted 5°
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We have manual and automatic CNC-machined aluminum engine bell housing adaptors and flywheels to mount GM / Chevrolet fuel injected or carbureted small block engine to the Fiero or other GM transaxles. The LT1 engine is supported, but the Corvette LS1 engine is not currently supported.

The standard automatic bellhousing adapter requires cutting a small corner of the engine block to clear the transmission housing.
The "tilted" automatic bellhousing adapter does not require any cutting of the engine block but it rotates the engine about 5 degrees forward.

We have parts for mounting either automatic and manual transaxles, both with a choice of the two piece and one piece rear main seal small block engines.

Our bellhousing adapter plates and flywheels use standard, easy to find starters, similar to the kind used in an '84 Nissan Maxima. The starter cross references with: 70's Nissan 200SX, '78-'83 Nissan 280Z and 80's 720 Pickups.

The clutch that works with the manual flywheels we offer are those that work with a '92 S10 with a 2.8L V6 engine with manual transmissions. The friction disk is 9.5" diameter and the pressure plate has a 10.55" bolt circle. This clutch is be available at many auto parts stores.

Water Pump relocation kits
Water Pump Relocator installed   Water Pump Relocator kit
Water pump Relocating Kit for GM V8
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Inline Coolant Filler Neck
Inline Filler Neck
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Radiator Cap
Radiator Cap
special order only

This relocation kit is for those vehicles where the GM small block engine is set very low in the chassis. This kit brings the water pump up 1-7/8 inches and toward the radiator about 1-3/4 inches. This kit is for kit cars, Fiero V8s, streetrods, or any application where space is at a premium.

The Inline Coolant Filler Neck is spliced into the upper radiator hose, and are used on Fieros when the radiator is lower than the engine block. They take a standard size radiator cap. The cap receptacle is welded to a cast flange. Aluminum 1.25" Inlet, 1.25" Outlet

The Radiator Cap is is a steel replacement radiator cap. It is rated at 12-16 pounds pressure.

Slim profile oil filter relocator engine block adaptor for oil filter relocator kits
Oil Filter Relocator
Oil Filter Relocating Kit with tight clearance adaptor fitting
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Oil Filter Relocator
Tight Clearance Adaptor Fitting
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Oil Fitting
Oil Hose Swivel Fitting
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New Complete Kit
All the parts needed to relocate the oil filter, including the Street Dreams By Ross, L.L.C.TM exclusive tight clearance adapter housing. The separate tight clearance housing will remain available for those that already purchased a kit elsewhere.

Both Street Dreams By Ross, L.L.C.TM automatic and manual bellhousing adaptors need an oil filter relocating kit, but this tight clearance adapter housing is only needed by those who are using an automatic transmission. Those that use the Automatic transmission adaptor find they need a tight clearance oil filter adaptor housing to be able to route hoses around the starter. This separate fitting still requires the rest of the parts that are included in a typical oil filter relocator kit.

The swivel oil fitting enables easy insertion and removal of an oil filter relocator kit's hoses, other kits on the market do not offer the swiveling feature on their included lines.

GM Small Block V8 Alternator Relocator
Alternator Relocator
GM Small Block
Alternator Relocator Kit
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This allows another option in alternator location. This is good for Fiero V8 conversions as well as street rods where stock location causes space problems. This kit allows belt tension adjustment and an adjustable range of alternator locations.

GM Small Block V8 to Fiero Engine mounts
Cradle Engine Mount
GM Small Block
Cradle Engine Mount
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GM Small Block Side Engine Mounts
GM Small Block
Side Engine Mounts
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Longitudinal Engine Mount
Engine Mount
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Rigid Transaxle Mount
Rigid Transaxle
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Differential Rotator Plate
Rotator Plate
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Differential Gasket for GM 325 and 325 4L Transmissions
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We have two engine mount kits to mount different engines in a Fiero. The engine mount kit will work for mounting a GM / Chevrolet small block V8 engine into a fiero. It is made of 1/4" thick laser cut steel. They are not predrilled, the mounting holes need to be made on installation. We hope to make a pre-drilled engine mount kit in the future.

The Cradle Engine Mount is a laser cut steel plate that bolts to the "front" face of the engine block, and it includes a mount point for the A/C compressor. This is designed to be bolted to a piece of angle iron (not included). That angle iron would either be welded directly to the engine cradle or with holes mountable to the Fiero's stock cradle rubber mount. Multiple hole patterns allow a choice in engine heights.

The Side Engine Mounts are a rigid motor mount designed to reduce vibration. It includes an axle carrier bearing mount.

The Longitudinal Mount is predrilled to mount an older Toronado transaxle onto the Fiero's cradle. It, too, is made from 1/4" thick steel.

The Rigid Transaxle Mounts are designed to reduce vibration.

The Differential Rotator Plate and gaskets are used to rotate the differential on a GM V8 longitudinal transmission from Cadillac Eldorados, by 180 degrees. The compatible transmissions are 325 and 325 4L. The plate includes all the hardware needed to bolt between the transmission and differential. The custom gaskets are precision laser cut from 1/64" thick Fel-Pro brand gasket material.

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Our product and price list for many of the parts we sell is here:
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